1. Colophon

    Hi. I’m Nate Barham, author of Think Critical, English teacher, father of two, and happy husband to the girl I’ve kept falling in love with since high school.

    I began Think Critical as an experiment in sharing my thoughts with a larger audience. For years I read blogs, listened to podcasts, and generally learned as much as I could about a number of topics I found difficult to share with the people I interact with on a daily basis. I know plenty of people who own Apple devices, but few want to talk about application UI design strategy. Likewise, I have several friends who enjoy playing video games, but not many care to discuss narrative structure in contrast to play mechanics. So, for those topics about which I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking, but little time discussing, I have Think Critical.

    Other Projects

    I teach high school English in Genesee, Idaho where each year we explore writing and appreciating the language which so many young people take for granted.

    During the fall, I work also as the Assistant Director for the Pride of Clarkston Marching Band and Color Guard. I’ve written about them, too. The original is with The Magazine, but you can read it here as well. Something about music inspires students who might otherwise remain in the shadows. For three months a year, I get to see dozens of talented young people working together toward a single goal: entertaining an audience. When the Band is rewarded for their efforts in competition, the emotion is even more powerful.

    In addition to the above pursuits and to the time I spend with my family, I have—for the last several years—been writing a novel in the fantasy genre. I finished the first draft, and the first editing passes. What happens next, we shall see. Maybe even some of the process will find its way to the pages of Think Critical

    I have a Twitter account, which I encourage you to follow if you enjoy my content.