1. iCloud vs. Dropbox

    Though I wholeheartedly agree with Ben Brooks that much of Apple’s future depends upon iCloud (and rightly so), my opinion differs concerning iCloud and Dropbox:

    This should scare Microsoft and Google, but more than that I think it should scare Dropbox. As much as I love Dropbox, iCloud is easier.

    I would argue the opposite. Apple is usually the company of “it just works,” as Brooks says himself. iCloud, though, does not just work, at least not when compared with Dropbox.

    Dropbox could hardly be any simpler; it’s a folder that syncs across multiple devices. Change a file here, it gets changed there. Where is there? It doesn’t matter. If you’re logged into your Dropbox account, you’ve got your stuff.

    iCloud not so much. What if you work on a PC? No real iCloud for you. Ok, what about on the iPad? Well, either you or your spouse/other family member can use iCloud, but not both. On the Mac? Sure, yet again it’s one person at a time. Sometimes the files push, sometimes not. Sometimes there‚Äôs a system for deciding what gets synced, like with GarageBand. Other times syncing happens when you open the app.

    Now, what about Dropbox? Oh, there it is, right there in the folder that syncs.