1. Jim Dalrymple:

    Apple designs its products to work, from a software and hardware design perspective, not to be like something a competitor has released.

    I hear and read this type of argument a lot. It’s true that most of Apple’s products are designed to “just work.” Recently though, some of their designs “just don’t” in a number of ways for some users.

    But it is the second part of the argument that makes it so. Sometimes, Apple is so focused on innovating, so set on not being like some other company’s product, that they limit devices and services in unnecessary ways. iCloud and its silo file management, an iMac gorgeously thin but lacking in features seemingly just to make it thinner, an iPad that refuses to fully embrace wireless keyboard support or a pressure-sensitive stylus accessory, all of these are in some way dogmatic in that Apple goes its own way.

    Innovate, yes. Avoid copying others, yes. Just be prepared to sometimes have seemingly nonsensical limitations. It’s give and take, even if Apple usually gives quite a bit.