One of the things included in the 2018 redesign of is a place for gear recommendations and product reviews. I love technology and have written extensively about it on Think Critical, but I’ve also contributed thousands of words and dozens of product photos to sites like the excellent Tools & Toys, the Magazine, and The Loop Magazine.

All of these were fantastic opportunities and excellent experiences which I greatly enjoyed. From time to time, I’d like to continue sharing my experiences with new devices, peripherals, software, and accessories, here, the new home for all of my writing online.

To that end, I’ll be beginning a new series of posts called “Kit.” It’s a simple title prefix that signals to readers they’ll be reading a product review. The first of these will go live tomorrow. Here’s what to look forward to:

  • My thoughts on a product with a focus on details that don’t make it into the marketing pages. Do not expect a rewrite of what you can already find on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Photography that shows what the shipped item looks like in the real world. Expect 3-5 clear, high quality shots that give a good sense of the materials and construction.
  • An affiliate link through which you can purchase the item (where available). These links ensure that I receive a small commission (from Amazon, Apple, or whomever) if you buy one of the items I’ve recommended. It is not my intent to make these posts into a significant revenue stream, but if you choose to buy something on a recommendation from this site, I hope you’ll use the links provided to do so.

And that is the new “Kit” post category on the 2018 redesign of I look forward to sharing lots of cool stuff with you in the future.