As part of the publication process for The Elf and the Arrowone of my goals was to simplify and streamline the publication process—especially when it comes to the eBook version. When Fragments was published, I had racked up an unacceptable amount of time spent tinkering with HTML in Sigil or Text Wrangler in hopes that I could get the digital version of the book looking just the way I wanted it. In the end, even after days of reading and rewriting code for the eBook, the final product still fell short of my intent. I still think the digital versions of Fragments are the best I could possibly make at the time, and I stand by them, taking pride in the final product.

However, Volume II is a different day and a different project and a (slightly) different me. Over at my tech and gaming blog, Think Critical, I wrote a review for a stellar (and wonderfully affordable) piece of software called Vellum that has made production on the eBook version of The Elf and the Arrow a pleasure. If you’re interested in self-publishing, or creative and well-made software in general, I suggest you check it out.

More soon on Volume II. It’s closer than you might think.