Circlets and Seekers Paperback

I’m proud to announce that today, Alora’s Tear, Volume IV: Circlets and Seekers is now available in paperback. They’re gorgeous, thanks to the work of cover artist Isis Sousa and are made with quality, professional grade materials. The goal is always to make my books look and feel every bit as polished as a product from a large publishing corporation. Circlets and Seekers is no exception.

The best way to get a copy is to attend one of the events where I’ll be selling the books in person. There, the prices are the lowest ($10 for Volume IV, and no shipping!) and I can sign it right there, with your name and custom inscription. Better yet, I get to thank you face-to-face for supporting my writing.

If you won’t be in the area, or just can’t wait, visit the Barham Ink Etsy Shop. Here, you can still get a custom, signed copy, for $11.99 plus shipping and it will arrive at your door.

Lastly, the series is also available on Amazon and other major online book retailers.

However you get your copy, thanks so much. I hope you enjoy the first stage of Askon’s new journey, the new characters he meets, and their stories. I’ve said it before, but I’m so excited for all of you to experience it.